Adjust To the Place ‘S Culture for a Better Life in Dating

You must follow the rules of the place where you are dwelling to get a better grip of the culture and the lifestyle of the place. This also sets you in the place better, and prevents you from getting out of any group as the odd man. I also changed my ways and outlook about dating and love once I started staying in Japan.

How I changed my ways

Here I would like to mention, that I am Catherine, and I had to relocate to Japan from the UK because of a good career option I got here. I had always been a party animal in the UK, and loved to go out with my friends often. This was a common weekend practice there. But once I reached Tokyo, things changed fast, and I let them change too for a better future.

Here people were matured and reasonable, and though there were late night partying and club and pub meetings practiced here, but they weren’t much of a family man’s practice. However people here would use the love hotels widely to get some space in dating which they couldn’t get at public places. But I was sure that sticking to the conventional ways would be best for me in the longer run, if I were to find a soul mate who would be a family man, and be matured enough to take up his responsibilities.

How I got my soul mate

Thus instead of moving out too much, I took on to online dating, and in a short time, found out my real Jap chap who was a dear gentleman. Koji my boyfriend was a great selection from my part, whom I found with a help of a great dating portal, and now I have little things to ask from life after I got Koji as my soul mate and living partner.

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How My Japanese Teacher Became My Date

Chatting has its own set of rules, and there is decorum to be maintained in chatrooms too. Especially if you are dating through a Japanese online chat system, then you need to be very sure that you are maintaining the right decorum to get mutual respect and attention from other users.

How my limited vocabulary got me attention

The first thing I learned after getting through a little hurdle is that, I need to speak Japanese here. English is not welcome, and I used the little Japanese I knew in broken grammar, to get through the chats and grab the initial attention. Strangely, some of the chaps considered it as a cute thing, and took the opportunity to enrich my Japanese vocabulary after discovering my limited use of Japanese vocabulary. This is how I got attention from men in Japanese online chat, and this is how I made through online chatting.

I had set the meetings in a love hotel

Next I got a number of teachers, who all wanted to see me to teach me more Japanese. This created a lot of excitement for me, as I had to choose who all I wanted to see. Evidently it would be a teaching date from some exciting hunk out there, and I was damn excited about the whole idea. I chose a love hotel for the meetings, and scheduled separate date and timings for each meeting.

How I finally decided my partner

The next thing about how I chose my perfect teacher is even more exciting. Though I had some nice time with all of the folks I had set the date with, I followed their pattern of mixing, their interest in getting physical, and definitely their whole get up and personality. Finally I selected Takumi from the lot, who had less interest in touching me, and rather wanted to spend some nice time with me by sharing thoughts and ideas, and by sharing our preferences, which was actually more needed for a full compatibility.

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How I Found Love Online That Changed Me Forever

I never imagined that chatting online would bring to me a love life, and would change the meaning of life for me. I was quite happy with my ruthless life. I went to work, came home from work, and played some games and then surfed through the net. By the way I am Joe from Canada, and was living in Tokyo in Japan for the last 2 years, because of a special engineering project of my company. I was a bachelor, and led a similar life happily, until I met Masami.

My experience of Japanese online dating

Before I met Masami online, I was a real flirt and often dated few fast and advanced mentality girls in Tokyo for fun. But Masami was different. Her conservative ways, sensible and matured lifestyle, and yet very gentle and smart talking made me a fan of her in days. Yet she was not serious about me and treated me as a friend for some days. She knew my habits, and my flirting ways, and thus she always told me to get serious about life.

How I changed slowly

Gradually I found out that living without her was getting impossible. I became addicted to the net than anything else just because of her. I rushed home and logged on to my Japanese online chat account to initiate chat with her. If she was not online, I would sit for minutes and hours in her wait, and would not get angry on her for being late online.

Instead I felt worried. It was then only, that I realized a day that I was in deep love with her. And once I realized it, there was no looking back. I turned to a totally conventional man, who would do anything to please his girlfriend and her family. And I did so actually to ask her hands from her parents after we had quite a few romantic meetings. Now we are happy in our marriage and I am a changed man who cares for values and conventions.

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Traveling From the Online Chat Window to Real Life Dating

You can do so much with online chatting sites that you would never like to logoff from a chatting or dating portal. Really! I have great fun experiences with online chatting sites, and recommend many of my friends to enjoy the endless possibilities of Japanese online chat.

Facilities you get while chatting online

Online dating has always been exciting because of the several tools and video chatting facilities that are offered in dating sites. It’s more exciting in Japan to date online, as because you can break the social barriers or taboos that are related to dating here in Japan. You must be wondering what could be creating barriers. Well they are nothing but traditions and rules about Japanese dating that may actually put some hitch for you whole dating, if you do not belong to the culture.

The Japanese culture of dating

Many people come here for job or studies, and they belong to the West, and know little about Japanese culture. Now that is natural and expected of the outsiders. When such men and women start or try to date someone, it takes them time to understand the cultural differences, and the ways of dating and approaching someone. While trying to get comfortable and accustomed with the culture, many people actually lose both time and opportunity to impress a chosen man or woman.

Date online

Thus, it’s best not to take chances with the dating customs, and instead try hands online. While being online, you need not follow all of these rules that you were to follow on personal meeting. Moreover you get this freedom to date more than one man or woman, when no one is going to know about your other date. This again increases your chances of winning a heart sooner than you could have done with a one-on-one personal dating. With the addition of a Japanese webcam, you can make your date even more interesting. A webcam would help you video chat, and both of you would be able to view and talk to each other with both video and voice.

The start of my love story

Well it was in this way that I found my better half Chie. I was actually not much serious about dating, and was parallelly dating few girls. But Chie stood separate than the rest, and eventually won my heart with her smart and sensible personality. Moreover she has some gorgeous looks that completely took me over. Altogether she was my perfect date.

But she was traditional too. Though she was using a Japanese online chatting site, and was using her asian sex cam to video chat with me, yet she still hoped to meet and get along with her date the typical Japanese way. I came to know all that, when she texted me the details while we were in a chat.

I was surprised as we knew enough about each other simply by sharing out thoughts and stories over the net. We chatted too much, and didn’t forget to share a single detail of our daily schedule and experiences. Yet, she said she had to know more about me by meeting me. Definitely meeting was there on the list for me, but at the last. But they weren’t her plans for sure, and she wanted to see me quickly. Thus we planned an outing.

Now it was my time to do my bit of research. I learnt the way a man must behave in a Japanese date, and the talking and carrying style etc. Eventually when we met, I carried myself too carefully to get more attention from her for trying to be near perfect. I was actually overwhelmed that I could impress her. In a few more dates we became sure and serious about the relation that led us to our marriage.

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